Trusting Play: Yuka Oyama

Yuka Oyama’s Power of Small Objects project has been created in three volumes. In 2018 she made costumes in response to interviews she held with migrants who had moved, voluntarily and involuntarily, across many countries. The following year volume two was based on collaboration with vocational commuters (both between cities and countries). In 2021, she will exhibit volume 3 for the first time in August under the SurvivaBall Home Suits. The series of inflatable costumes is both a response to the current pandemic and interviews she conducted with children and youth raised in two households. How objects anchor their lives is a constant area of inquiry of Oyama - from small things carried back and forth to identical sets of objects kept in both homes.

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Surface Design Journal (summer 2021)

image courtesy of Yuka Oyama, SurvivaBall (2020)
home page photographer: Zoe Tempest

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    Yuka Oyama, SurvivaBall (2020). Photographer: Zoe Tempest