Jessica Hemmings

Textile Writer

Warp & Weft (2012)

Author (Bloomsbury: 2012)

warp_weft_book_coverWarp & Weft: Woven Textiles in Fashion, Art and Interiors explores woven textiles thematically, through the work of contemporary artists and designers. Some make their art from unwoven threads, the raw material of which textiles are born. Others use digital technology so that elements of light, sound, and even motion are literally woven in the fabric. An excellent resource for everyone with an interest in contemporary woven textiles, this book features work by an international selection of artists and designers.

Table of Contents

1. Threads (Gabriel Dawe, Ball-Nogues Studio, Susie MacMurray, Laura Thomas, Sue Lawty, Lauren Moriarty, Elana Herzog)
2. Light (Tamar Frank, Marianne Kemp, Dashing Tweeds, Hiroko Takeda, Christine Keller, Hilde Hauan Johnsen, Sarah Taylor, Astrid Krogh, Priti Veja, Salt, Ainsley Hillard)
3. Motion (Philip Beesley, Maria Blaisse, Barbara Layne, Zane Berzina, Maggie Orth, Elaine Ng Yan Ling, Lucy McMullen, Philippa Brock, Grethe Sørensen)
4. Sound (Christy Matson, Lars Preisser, Lise Frølund and Hanne Raffnsøe, Elin Igland, Alyce Santoro, Drahomira Hampl, Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Eleanor Pritchard, Aleksandra Gaca, Ismini Samanidou)
5. Emotion (Louise Bourgeois, Ane Henrikesen, Shane Waltener, Jeroen Vinken, Liz Williamson, Lucy Brown, Janine Antoni, Lia Cook)
6. Community (Petter Hellsing, Runa Carlsen, Wallace & Sewell, Ptolemy Mann, Missoni Home, ao for Gainsborough, NUNO Corporation, Norwegian Rain, Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi, Suzanne Tick, Travis Meinolf, Anne Wilson)

Download Table of Contents and Chapter 1 of Warp & Weft

review in Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Review (Spring 2013, Issue 245)
review in Textile: the journal of cloth and culture (volume 12, issue 2, 2014, pp. 255-257)

review in Crafts Magazine (No. 239, Nov./Dec. 2012)

Warp & Weft was completed with the support of a Jerwood Creative Catalyst residency at Cove Park, Scotland in 2011.