Rita Bolland Fellowship talk

In the archives of the Tropen Museum are a number of bookless-book-covers. Unlike many collections of batik, these textiles are not exquisite, or even particularly well made. Intended to be book covers, the cloth has remained unused, never joining the narratives they were designed to carry. I like to think of them as textiles that are waiting, rather than silent. What can we write from the present of the narratives never held between these batik covers? To borrow from Saidiya Hartman, “How can narrative embody life in words and at the same time respect what we cannot know?" (2008, 3)

Join Jessica Hemmings & Daan van Dartel, Curator Popular Culture and Fashion, in conversation about the Reading Material Project undertaken as part of the Rita Bolland Fellowship (2020-2023) on Thursday September 12, 2024 from 14.00-16.00 at the Gerbrandszaal of the Wereld Museum, Leiden.

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    Wereld Museum, Amsterdam