Mycotech Lab

When you see a mushroom, the underground fibers responsible for its growth are unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. Mycelium, fungi’s fibrous “roots,” remain largely unnoticed unless their “fruit” emerges as a mushroom. However, networks of mycelium exist beneath the ground. They range in scale from the microscopic to an area of 9 square kilometres, just over 5.5 miles, which is the current size of a 2000-year-old mycelium network growing in the state of Oregon. And many mycelium networks do not generate mushrooms, leaving us with even fewer clues to their ubiquity beneath our feet...

"Grown Beneath Our Feet" article published with the Surface Design Journal (spring 2022) about Bandung-based bio-materials start-up MYCL.

homepage image courtesy of MYCL & doublet