Miquel Barceló

Miquel Barceló: Metamorphosis

27 January – 26 September 2021
Museo Picasso Málaga, Spain

exhibition review on Garland

Majorcan artist Miquel Barceló’s extended stays in Mali provided his initial introduction to working with clay in the 1990s. With limited firewood available, the largely self-taught artist explains, “I started by picking up a stick, mixing, grinding… the most basic, definitely; really starting at the absolute beginning” (audio). Traces of the Spanish artist’s unconventional introduction to clay are apparent today – a certain irreverence to the rules, replaced with a sense of visceral material contact that could not be further removed from overthought perfection or the disingenuity of sloppy craft...

Image here and home page:
Miquel Barceló (1957)
Rhododendron (2019)
ceramic, 62 x 74 x 30 cm
Private collection
© Photo: François Halard, 2019
© Miquel Barceló, VEGAP, Málaga, 2021

Image courtesy of Museo Picasso Málaga