Meaningful Craft

Meaningful Craft: Su san Cohn, Vincent Vulsma, Dan Halter and Vincent Rumahloine

"Meaningful Craft" was first delivered in the format of a public lecture at the RIAN Design Museum Falkenberg, Sweden 12 February 2020. Offered as a starting point for a day-long discussion about the identity of Nordic craft, the talk looked beyond the immediate region to a number of contrasting examples of craft practices in countries such as Australia, Indonesia and Zimbabwe. The lecture was by invitation of the Nordic Platform for Critical Craft Theory, a collaborative initiative between RIAN Design Museum, Designmusea Helsinki and Norwegian Crafts. The essay is published as a collaboration between Norwegian Crafts and Tidsskriftet Kunsthåndverk.

A recorded online version of the lecture was held February 11, 2021 as part of the HDK-Valand Open Lecture series and is available for viewing here.

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    Su san Cohn making "The Fourth Leaf" pin during Meaninglessness performance © Fred Kroh and Su san Cohn