Kustaa Saski & Anne Wilson

Double review for TEXTILE: the journal of cloth & culture of Kustaa Saksi: First Symptoms at Format, Oslo & Anne Wilson: If We Asked about the Sky at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago.

This writing attempts to build a commentary of contrasts. I have based my thoughts about If We Asked about the Sky on memories of work I saw during a pre-pandemic studio visit, coupled more recently with hearing Anne Wilson’s reflection of her physical and emotional experience of the exhibition. My thoughts about Kustaa Saksi’s First Symptoms come from an exhibition visit one cold weekend in early 2020, half-awake and blissfully unaware that this would be one of the last exhibitions I could see in person this year. As a result, this writing breaks with the conventions of an exhibition review. I did not see Wilson’s exhibition in person; I visited First Symptoms without an exhibition review even in mind; and I have eschewed the reviewer’s typical position of objectivity in favor of dialogue by inviting the artists involved to comment on this text prior to publication. These “compromises” represent my effort to come to terms with the extent of isolation and loss 2020 has delivered. As an exhibition review, this writing is an adaptation of the genre, an attempt to make do with what remains possible today....

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    Kustaa Saksi courtesy of the artist & Anne Wilson courtesy of the artist

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    TEXTILE: the journal of cloth & culture