Knitting after Making: what we do with what we make

The identity of The Knitting Map (2005) today raises questions about the potential difference in value between the act of making and its physical outcome. When is the activity of making the primary objective – and when is the physical outcome? In an attempt to answer this question I look to a number of knitting projects over the past decade that share with The Knitting Map either commitment to create knitting in a public setting, or to create a knitted fabric with multiple hands. No comparisons are, of course, identical. Many projects are smaller. Some spread over a far longer duration...

"Knitting after Making: what we do with what we make" includes discussion of work by Celia Pym, Angela Maddock, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Andrea Vander Kooij & Alan Groombridge, Kate Just, Alya Hessy and Liz Collins is published in Gilson, Jools & Nicola Moffat (eds.) Textiles, Community & Controversy: The Knitting Map. (London & New York: Bloomsbury, 2019).

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