Hands Mind Craft

Hands, minds, craft. Hands mind craft.
Konstfack CRAFT! lecture series
January 13, 2021

Thoughts from a Slow Internet in Spanish Lockdown” was written during the spring of 2020 during what are now acknowledged to be the most restrictive Covid-19 regulations regarding personal movement in Europe to date. The essay was commissioned by the New Zealand based organisation Objectspace to take the place of what was originally intended as a live lecture. Musing on the unexpected paralysis to my travel schedule, I admit to finding a renewed appreciation for the portability of words in the absence of practically all other movement at the time. I borrow from the late American science fiction author Ursula le Guin’s sage recognition that words disconnected from the hands that are making craft can lose track of what on earth they are speaking about. And I fret over the disembodied experience of online exhibition viewing and a future of zoom teaching which I did not – even then – realise would mark the remainder of the year.

In this online lecture I reflect on the ten months since writing the essay by revisiting a number of personal interests that have gained increasing importance to my own thinking in recent years: academic silence surrounding failure; the value of solitary thinking in the midst of our current collaborative era; and a new found enthusiasm I have for the importance of small research claims.