Enduring: The Politics of Teresa Lanceta’s Textile Art

Teresa Lanceta’s commitment to textiles – a medium that has, until recently, been shunned by the mainstream artworld – is in itself a political act. From her earliest weavings made in the late 1970s, Lanceta has never followed the trends of the artworld. But it is fair to say that the trends of the artworld are now following her. In her commitment to collective knowledge, material reuse and the techniques of tapestry weaving and stitch, Lanceta has long celebrated what many others have overlooked and under-valued. The recognition her practice has received in recent years is not an indication of Lanceta’s new interests: she has remained steadfast in her approach for decades...

  • Written for

    "Teresa Lanceta: la mémoire tissée" at Céret musée d’art modern (2 March – 2 June, 2024)