Dan Halter dialogue

Jessica Hemmings in dialogue with Dan Halter for the online IASPIS open studios September 17-23, 2020

Dan Halter’s ability to address fraught political topics through materials we commonly associate with craft presents us with a compelling example of how contemporary craft may stay relevant in turbulent global politics. Originally from Zimbabwe, Halter now lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the past decade he has worked restlessly across a range of materials: video, weaving, printmaking, photography, sculpture and found objects. The themes of his work often refer to the Zimbabwe of his birthplace, such as migration and currency inflation, but offer us reflections that can be understood in a broader global context of gross social inequality and neo-colonial politics. Halter describes his own choice of materials as “ubiquitous” and often collaborates to find the fabrication skills necessary for his diverse material practice.

image: Dan Halter Patterns of Migration