Craft & Ethics

What are the ethical responsibilities of crafts today?

This event will explore the complex issues about labour conditions, material sourcing and perceptions of value that are central to the future identity of crafts. The proximity of craft practices to making arguably makes the craft disciplines better positioned to safeguard their ethical standards.

But what standards should we aspire to the crafts of the future upholding? How can the crafts justify the investment of makers’ time weighed against scale of audience or financial remuneration? In a world overfilled with goods, how do we defend bringing more into the world?

Keynote speakers are Christien Meindertsma and Rod Bamford. The conference includes a number of shorter seminars, group discussions between participants and a panel discussion moderated by Professor Jessica Hemmings.

Friday November 24 (evening) and Saturday November 25, 2017

The conference will be held in English with group discussions in Swedish and English.

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