Jessica Hemmings

Textile Writer


Priya Ravish Mehra: Witness to the Invisible

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Over the past eight years Priya Ravish Mehra has worked with the Rafoogars, or darners, of Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, Northern India to reveal the contribution darning makes […]

Francoise Dupre: Pattern, Feminism & Hope

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Women's Library London, 2011 In 1892, the American author Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote “The Yellow Wallpaper”, a short story that questioned women’s expected occupations as mother and homemaker. […]

A Certain Kind of Judgement

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Warp & Weft at the Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales, 2010. Weaving involves the intertwining of threads – warp and weft – to create something more. That […]

Kristine Fornes

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS “Taking a line for a walk,” is how the Swiss painter Paul Klee described drawing. If anyone were to anthropomorphise Norwegian artist Kristine Fornes’ drawings for the […]

Innate Portability

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Portage: Textiles & Extremes of Scale Shetland Arts' Bonhoga Gallery, Scotland, 2010 Textiles rarely have to make an effort to be portable. They already are. It is […]

Reflections on “Upcycling Textiles: Adding Value Through Design”

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS A number of key themes surfaced during “Upcycling Textiles: Adding Value Through Design”, a one day symposium convened at Chelsea College of Art on Friday July 18, […]

A Vivid Vocabulary

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Stroud Textile Festival 2010 Textiles communicate.[i] They express joy that language renders as cliché; withstand abstraction that words try to qualify and contain; record pain without evoking […]

A Stubborn Imagination: Nnenna Okore

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Blachere Foundation, France “A woman writer must have an imagination that is plain stubborn, that can invent new gods and banish ineffectual ones,” wrote the late Zimbabwean […]

Beyond the Function of Making, the Process of Making

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS This is NOW: from Drawing to Contexture, Edinburgh Tapestry weaving involves rhythms increasingly absent from contemporary life. It requires concentration, dexterity and patience. It also demands an […]

Tanvi Kant: working with little

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The thinking behind Tanvi Kant’s recent work can be traced back to the hand-sewn hem of her mother’s sari. Curiosity led Kant to unpick the hem and […]

Another Girl in the Neighbourhood

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The eyes of the makers inhabit the same frame of reference. Needle and cloth, film and camera, held close to each makers’ body. So close stray threads […]

Loops / Map / Fibre / Weave / Buttons / Now

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Loops Jeanette Sendler’s practice spans a number of techniques: tailoring, knitting, felting, printing and weaving. These skills represent knowledge newly acquired, as well as learnt during childhood. […]

Deirdre Nelson: Patience, Compassion & Empathy

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Textiles mediate between public, coded identity and the private and personal. As a result, textiles embody contradiction and function as sites where the public and private coexist. […]

An Embroiderer’s Eye: the Diana Spingall Collection

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The Diana Springall Collection provides a crucial contribution to modern textile history through the representation of work made with needle and thread in Britain from the mid-1970s […]

Virtual Fabrics & Perishable Maps

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Rachel Beth Egenhoefer makes tangible the intangible. Rather than complicate our ways of seeing the world, her practice works towards the opposite. Using yarn, candy and computers […]

Alice Kettle: Telling Stories With Their Eyes

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Winchester Discovery Centre Textiles tell us stories, stories that are printed, woven, sewn and knit into their surfaces and structures. Textiles also allow us to tell our […]

Clio Padovani in conversation with Jessica Hemmings

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS JH: You trained at the Royal College of Art in the Tapestry Department. Do you see your current digital practice as a type of weaving? CP: I […]

Tilleke Schwarz: Maps of Modern Life

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Historically, embroidery samplers taught women the rudiments of reading and writing. Dutch artist Tilleke Schwarz’ contemporary versions of this tradition challenge the viewer to think. Created through […]

Sense of Identity: Contemporary Scottish Textiles

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Scotland is steeped in a rich history of textile production, but it is a culture that – in textile terms – has handsomely balanced the virtues of […]

Real Physical Labor, Material Understanding and the Wisdom of the Weaver’s Hands

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS American Tapestry Alliance Fiber may no longer feel like the mainstay of our contemporary world, but the virtual webs technology has introduced to our daily lives most […]