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J. Morgan Puett: Labor Portraits

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Mildred’s Lane is an artistic experiment conceived by American J. Morgan Puett located in rural Pennsylvania. The one hundred acre site hosts residencies and fellowships informed by […]

Running Craft

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Running provides a small way to reconnect with time. Perhaps it is here that the similarities between running and craft begin. When so much of daily life […]

Kustaa Saksi

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS “My world is a graphic world,” explains the Amsterdam-based Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi of his approach to weaving. Treating the loom as a “magic printer” Saksi’s recent collection of jacquard weavings [...]

Gabrielle Soyer

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS When the Paris-based Swedish designer Gabrielle Soyer bought two chain stitched textiles from Kashmiri merchants while travelling in Goa, India twenty-six years ago she had little idea of the impact the purchase would later have on her life [...]

Faig Ahmed in Surface Design Journal

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS As a child, Faig Ahmed once decided to entertain himself by rearranging the motifs he found in the carpet on the floor of his grandmother’s home. Not […]

Toshiko MacAdam

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam explains the crucial turning point in her textile practice came the day two children innocently clambered onto her art [...]

Sleeping Nets

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS When you add it all up, we spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping. Many cultures designate a space for this occupation – a room just for closing our eyes [...]

Kate MccGwire article in SDJ

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The anthropologist Mary Douglas felt dirt was little more than matter out of place. Hair on our heads is beautiful, the very same hair sneaking into our […]

Maison Legeron

Jessica Hemmings discovers business is blooming for makers of artificial flowers, Maison Legeron Maison Legeron makes by hand silk flowers for clients such as the fashion houses of Dior, Courrèges […]

Knitting and Well-being article published

The latest issue of Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture includes "Knitting and Well-being"

Crafting Words lecture in Materiality Matters

The transcript from my Crafting Words lecture given in Oslo in November of 2012 is part of the Materiality Matters book (pp. 22-27) published by the Norwegian Craft Association and […]

Finding the right language for things

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The American critic Janet Koplos put it simply: “If I were looking for a ‘better’ crafts criticism I would simply want better writing, showing thought and care.” […]

Aboubakar Fofana

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The day Aboubakar Fofana, as a child, was told of the green leaves capable of creating blue colour a proverbial seed was planted in his imagination that […]

Eleri Mills: a longing for landscape

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS “Embroidery has a tradition of suppressing the female,” observes Welsh artist Eleri Mills, before countering, “but I’ve always found it extremely liberating.” Mills’ unconventional approach to stitch […]

Gali Cnanni

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Unraveling Economies: Gali Cnaani “I admire factory work,” explains Israeli artist Gali Cnaani, shunning popular thinking that brands the factory as a demon. Rather than recognize efficiency […]

Red Alert: Neeru Kumar’s Passion for Crimson Textiles

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Indian designer Neeru Kumar’s woven and embroidered textiles pictured here offer a contemporary expression of the traditional textile techniques that abound in the Indian subcontinent. For several […]

Quiet Spaces: Anne Kyyro Quinn

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Quiet Spaces: Anne Kyyrö Quinn In her recent book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking the American author Susan Cain confirms […]

Vlisco Wax Resist Fabrics

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Britain, Europe and North America no longer produce textiles; they consume textiles. This mantra has become a familiar lament within the textile industry. But tucked between rules there are always exceptions [...]

Lace as structural solution

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Lace is designed to be delicate. In fact almost everything about traditional lace suggests a high maintenance identity. But today artists and designers look to lace for […]

Bezalel: Doing Not Dreaming

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS British degree level courses in craft subjects have been in crisis for some time now. But it may be a mistake to consider this an indication of a global trend [...]