Jessica Hemmings

Textile Writer

Contemporary Twist with Ikat

Pulse magazine

Birgitta Nordstrom

Selvedge magazine issue 80 (2018)

Hildur Bjarnadottir

article published with Norwegian Crafts (2018)

Double Dutch

Selvedge Magazine issue 78 (2017)

Can That Be Taught?

A Companion on Contemporary Craft (forthcoming chapter)

Knitting after Making


Christien Meindertsma

Selvedge magazine issue 78 (2017)


BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Kimsooja Korean born, New York and Paris-based, artist Kimsooja first began working with textiles in 1983 when she started to sew using her late grandmother’s clothing. Today […]

Liza Lou

Surface Design Journal spring 2017 pp. 32-37

Unlearning Optical Illusions

published by Norwegian Crafts

Mending Fashion

Surface Design Journal fall 2016: 26-31.

Philosophy: Korean label Oma

Selvedge magazine vol 74 (2016) pp. 64-67.

J. Morgan Puett: Labor Portraits

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Mildred’s Lane is an artistic experiment conceived by American J. Morgan Puett located in rural Pennsylvania. The one hundred acre site hosts residencies and fellowships informed by […]

Running Craft

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS Running provides a small way to reconnect with time. Perhaps it is here that the similarities between running and craft begin. When so much of daily life […]

Kustaa Saksi

“My world is a graphic world,” explains the Amsterdam-based Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi

Gabrielle Soyer

Selvedge magazine 2015

Faig Ahmed in Surface Design Journal

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS As a child, Faig Ahmed once decided to entertain himself by rearranging the motifs he found in the carpet on the floor of his grandmother’s home. Not […]

Toshiko MacAdam

Selvedge magazine (issue 60, 2014: 50-54)

Sleeping Nets

Selvedge Magazine (2014: pp 22-27)

Kate MccGwire article in SDJ

BY JESSICA HEMMINGS The anthropologist Mary Douglas felt dirt was little more than matter out of place. Hair on our heads is beautiful, the very same hair sneaking into our […]